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SASAA & Wreaths Across America

SASAA is PROUD to announce our partnership with

Wreaths Across America.


SASAA Wreath Count-O-meter
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(As of: Right now)

For every $15 wreath you purchase, WAA sends SASAA $5

  • Group Name: Stuttgart American Schools Alumni Assn

  • Group ID: GA0339P

  • Location Name: Arlington National Cemetery

  • Location ID: ARLING

How to sponsor wreaths through SASAA ...


Option 1: Order online through the direct link to our page

  1. Select the # of wreaths to sponsor AND the location you want them to go to.

  2. Add other options (grave specifics, etc) as desired.

  3. Complete checkout process with credit/debit card or Paypal. Be sure to verify that your group ID and location ID are indicated on your order prior to submitting.






Option 2: Mail checks direct to WAA

  1. Include one sponsorship form with each check and one tally sheet per batch of checks in an envelope. Be sure to include your Group ID and Location ID on each sponsorship form.

Mail to: 

Wreaths Across America

PO Box 249

Columbia Falls, ME 04623


For every $15 wreath you purchase, WAA sends SASAA $5

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