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The Tack Room

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(We wanted a light-hearted spin on the name for this section; this is our inspiration.)

A place where SASAA can highlight alumni-owned businesses and services that could benefit from alumni, online and local support. This page will ONLY list those businesses solely owned by Stuttgart alumni and, in addition, will only offer non-Stuttgart (school) related products and services (i.e., landscaping, candles, home decor, catering, home/business painting, bicycle repair, etc.)
If you or an alumni know would like to advertise their business in The Tack Room, please complete and submit that information by clicking, Advertise Here!

Show these Brats some support!


Baby Light My Fire Candle Company | Maria Giannakis Morley '84 Located in Santa Maria, CA; Baby Light My Fire Co is a micro-batch, artisan candle business.  Each piece is hand poured soy wax, coupled with cotton wicks that make for a cleaner, longer burn, in 12 oz stunning black marquis glass vessels. Our fragrance blends are unique, memorable and have impressive hot and cold throw. They are packed in kraft paper boxes with enclosed storylines and soy wax 411 instruction cards. Customer Service:


Tupperware | Luis Pagan '87 Located in Oviedo, FL; Tupperware products lifetime warranty . Customer Service:


Alphaweibchen | Jaimi Cyrus '91 Located in Boeblingen, DE; we share experiences (and challenge you to expand your own!), inspire you to strengthen self empowerment and to enhance your life. Whether you want more professional success, an improved sense of well-being, an enriched personal life or to learn about mindset and skills to amplify your self-development; we’ve got tips to help you take the right actions and make it happen! Customer


art by rtbrassard | Roland Brassard '91 Located in Gotham, ME; I have been using the Redbubble platform to sell my art on a wide variety of products for the past year.  This is my first venture into getting my artwork and designs out into the world and they touch on a wide range of topics, all drawing inspiration from different times in my life, including: Army Brat Life, Life in Maine, Rugby, Sports, Music, Stuttgart and more! Thank you for looking.

Customer Service:


DronTec | John Mello '73 Located in Kila, MT; Aerial drone photography, aerial surveillance, real estate pictures and videos, tower and power line evaluation. Customer Service: or call: (406) 257-4191


Ascuba Venture, Inc.  | Sid Stovall '65 Located in Corpus Christi, TX; Swim instruction, SCUBA sales and service, travel local and international. Customer Service: 


Cruise Planners |Pam Mantia Barron '89 Located in San Antonio, TX; Full service travel agency. Home based business, working by appointments. Customer Service:


White Lotus, LLC  | Ivonne Martin Haskins '89 Located in Front Royal, VA; organic Hand-made Products - Family owned business in Front Royal, VA that is focused on making high quality organic based products. For every product sold we donate 3% of the sales to a local non- profit that is focused on under-served children. Currently we are making Organic Wax Sachets and candles. We have two new exciting products coming soon. Customer Service: or find us on Instagram @whitelotusv


Vinyl Reclamation | Thomas Colegrove '72 Located in Menomonee Falls, WI; specializes in vintage turntable parts for the audio enthusiast, restorer and repair shops with inventory of hundreds of makes and models on hand.  Serving the vinyl lovers community since 2000. Customer Service: 

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